A Monk, Part I:

Once you see the geometrical corridor of flowers at the exit of the Forgotten Land Valley, follow the most generic breeze being pushed by the hills. You are almost there. When least expected, at an odd number of strides, you will finally catch sight of the majestic lost temple he visits during the oddest hours. Approach the barest sidewall and find a crack there. If it is a full moon night, step away, or he will spot you when he goes to breathe the moon-warmed air from that side of the temple. Through the crack, one can see how he presents himself before the central altar: a white robe of incandescent purity and an antebellum calm that sails through the echoing halls.

After bowing at the altar, he will move to the equidistant chamber from the entrance, embedded in the end wall. It is a tight space that, aside from its raw symmetry, has only a cushion on the floor and an entrance. It is the meditation room, and he will be there for about ten minutes. When he returns, he will sit at the ideal distance from the altar, determined through thousands of iterations. The veneration can last for several hours. Take the opportunity to witness how the servant often pauses to close his eyelids and think, gently returning to the ritual shortly after. If you have particularly sharp vision, you can examine the details of the altar. 

That is precisely what you are doing right now. You look closely, and something strange happens in front of the loyal devotee. It seems that it is already late afternoon, and the lights streaming through the interior of the temple have a clearer source now. Today, he is discovering culling issues in The Last of Us Part II. With the black tool in his hand, he controls a lady who insists on returning to places she has already seen. 

Lucky you! You came on a special day! The day of the end credits. Towards the end of the rite, the disciple observes with interest the black screen with white letters passing by. On a normal day, he would return to the initial room for another transient meditation, but not today. This time, the meditation takes place right there at the altar as he reflects on the entire experience he has absorbed. It is a special meditation that started not inside the temple, but within the object of virtu itself. This one even has music.

Since it is a special day, the monk verifies something else. Out of nowhere, he exclaims, ‘Ah, it was close!’ He could only find 246 out of 266 collectibles. He goes to the back of the altar and there, with an ancient leather whip, flogs himself after taking off the robe. He knows exactly how many lashes to deliver this time. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen? This one did not land well. Thirteen! Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty! Time to go back home. On his way back to ordinary life, you can at last question him about his lifestyle.