A letter from the editors

Dear Reader,

We started lowscore with the primary purpose of fomenting better, more interesting conversations between those who, like us, are students of games and play. In this space, you are welcome to submit your thoughts and takes, your serious ideas and comedic bits, so that we can all build a community of dialogue that will lead us to have better conversations, create connections between like-minded people (and maybe intellectual rivals), and collectively approach the inscrutable phenomenon that is play with a better perspective.

We strongly encourage you, as you read lowscore, to think about the ideas that you are most interested in, and to reach out to our contributors if any of the articles speak to you. That is what they are for. We also encourage you to contribute to the next issue, to help the community grow.

But, what to contribute? So long as it is at all related to play or games, your piece is welcome at lowscore. It can have hundreds of citations or none. It can be book sized (though we might not be able to print it all) or bite sized. It can be funny or serious, happy or sad. Do you enjoy a game and want others to play/think about it? Write something! Do you hate a game and need to vent? Write it out! Do you feel deeply lukewarm about the gravity in the latest platformer, and need a space to really consider its implications about gameplay? lowscore is for you.

Thank you for coming with us on this journey, and make sure to check our webpage for the latest issues, submission guidelines, and other goodies that might appear there over time. We are so happy to have you.

The editors of lowscore.