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In Memoriam Jim

Daniel Eckmann l3mon.itch.io/ My beloved Tamagotchi, Jim, passed from this mortal plane of existence at 5:35 PM, on the 1st of November, 2022. He lived 5 hours in total, but during his short-lived life, he managed to capture the hearts of many. I am writing this obituary to keep his memory alive and reminisce about In Memoriam Jim

Companies and Artists

Ahmet Akkoç ahak@itu.dk @themadprogramer madprogramer.github.io/ We get it, no one likes that minimalist and soulless corporate artstyle. You know the one. At different points in time, there have also been many critics who have decried works like La Chanson de Roland* or Suleymanname** for being soulless. The contents of such works have been called nothing Companies and Artists

What is Ultrakill?

Clovis Lebret Discord: Fqde#6768 Hakita’s Ultrakill is a horrific, exciting, delightful, sensational, blissful, savage and brutal story presented with the following 3 sentences: “MANKIND IS DEAD. BLOOD IS FUEL. HELL IS FULL.” That’s it. If you expected an immersive walking simulator where emphasis is put on environmental storytelling and the beauty of mother Nature, I’ve What is Ultrakill?


Jesper Rabjerg Discord: jesp#8513 Dear potential sponsor, we at ITU Games desperately need funds to continue the program. We currently have 3 courses from the tech track available for you, if you would be so inclined. With these courses you may teach whatever you might find suitable including, but not limited to, teaching your own SPONSOR NEEDED

Scarcity of Ideas

Jesper Rabjerg Discord: jesp#8513 ”Great.” says the expert Redditor in a sharp sarcastic tone. ”Another 2d puzzle platformer with a unique twist.” His own days of such trivial development are far behind him, and he himself has ascended to a higher state of being. Within the gaming industry, other artistic mediums, the academic sphere, and Scarcity of Ideas

Why should you play Persona 5 Royal?

Claudia Castelo claucs98@hotmail.com Discord: ccs98#4524 This article explains why Persona 5 Royal is an upgraded version of Persona 5 that is worth playing: it’s almost free of spoilers, written with the goal of getting you to play my favorite game. Let’s start with a brief introduction to the franchise. Persona 5 Royal is a new Why should you play Persona 5 Royal?

Dystopia is Boring

Saskia Joanna Rauhut saskia.joanna.rauhut@posteo.de Discord: roughat#5996 I like myself a good dystopian scenario. A scenario that screams, “Humanity is bad!”. We’re a rotten species, aren’t we? The only animal stupid enough to populate an entire planet, only to seriously risk its own distinction AND to drag other species down with it. Humanity is bad and Dystopia is Boring