A letter from the editors

Dear Reader, We started lowscore with the primary purpose of fomenting better, more interesting conversations between those who, like us, are students of games and play. In this space, you are welcome to submit your thoughts and takes, your serious ideas and comedic bits, so that we can all build a community of dialogue that A letter from the editors

A Conversation with Martin Pichlmair

the lowscore team in conversation: Martin Pichlmair The following is an amazing conversation with Martin Pichlmair, who was Program Head of the Games Program at IT University of Copenhagen until last summer, and who very generously agreed to give us an hour of his time to talk about his projects and background, his thoughts about the A Conversation with Martin Pichlmair


Alessandro Cutuli what is the true innovative contribution of video games to narratology? ↓ ▲ Sequentiality is the default order of most storylines because it’s the filter of the unconditioned human perception. That’s why linear narrative structures don’t matter here. When art is artifice and mimicry – and it always is in narrative, fight CONCERNING STORY STRUCTURES,

The Most Important Aspect of a Game

João Diogo Nunes Gameplay, narrative, graphics, audio… We can divide games into many departments of technical artistry, but which one is the most important? Finding equilibrium between them isn’t a choice, how boring would that be? It also cannot depend on the game genre, or we would be just bumping up every game’s The Most Important Aspect of a Game

Navigating Ghost of a Tale

Sindre Valen Aasland Ghost of a Tale is an indie action role-playing game where you play as Milo, a minstrel mouse trying to find his missing wife. He has been taken prisoner by rats and he must also try to escape while avoiding the rat guards. It seems not many people are talking about Navigating Ghost of a Tale

Skate Games

mut/moochi/ Gustavo Ceci Guimarães Twitter: @mutmedia Previously published in Paradise Zine Issue 1, revised and reedited for publication in lowscore   recently, i’ve been thinking a lot about skateboarding, and in particular skateboarding videogames. a big reason is that i’ve developed my own skate adjacent game, bruxa, with my friends at xinela, and Skate Games

Is there enough content?

Sarah M. Sander Coming into game production, this is a question that keeps circling me. The popularity of open world games such as Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar Games) or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo) (just to mention the most popular ones in 2021) is undeniable and there are plenty Is there enough content?


Tobias Dahl Nielsen That’s right, friends! We’re back with a fresh new version of The Games IndustryTM for the 2022 fall season. For this patch, we’ve really been focusing on balancing, and aligning the meta more with our core pillars. Here’s what you can expect to see: NERF: PROLIFIC DEVELOPERS There are way INDUSTRY PATCH NOTES – FALL 2022

Dear Josh

Julie Tremblay Play is political. A person shapes their identity through play– one develops critical thinking, learns about oneself and others, and becomes aware of their power: “Play exposes homo ludens to the expanses of their own mind and the potential of the world around them. To play is to learn about the possibilities Dear Josh

Choices vs Stress

Christine Hegedues What do you do when a previously fun and relaxing experience feels like a chore? I recently experienced this in Stardew Valley, a 2D Pixel Art game about being a farmer in the countryside. I had already played the game a few years ago and remembered it as a relaxing and fun Choices vs Stress