Subverting Expectations?

Tiago Fernandes Discord: Acidk0re What do I mean by subverting expectations? It is a literary term and technique that has to do with using plot twists in a story to surprise and challenge an audience. It means to do something intentionally that people do not expect, but ideally, the twist or subverted expectation should make  Subverting Expectations?

A New Paradigm of Adaptation?

Rasmus Klintsø Discord: klintso rall1812@gmail.com Imagine a time when beating a video game was not a given thing, but a serious accomplishment achieved only by those persistent enough to overcome hard challenges. In the era of accessibility, this is no longer a viable direction for game design. Accessibility is not a bad thing. It may A New Paradigm of Adaptation?

A Monk, Part I:

João Diogo Nunes jdcorreiadebrito@gmail.com debrito.carrd.co Once you see the geometrical corridor of flowers at the exit of the Forgotten Land Valley, follow the most generic breeze being pushed by the hills. You are almost there. When least expected, at an odd number of strides, you will finally catch sight of the majestic lost temple he A Monk, Part I:

I fucking hate video games

Clovis “Fqde” Lebret Discord: fqde “I fucking hate video games” …is a sentence I’ve heard countless times since the start of my academic endeavours. We, game scholars, aren’t too fond of the medium apparently. Whether you find yourself in the game lab working on yet another assignment, or sharing one of those rare moments of I fucking hate video games